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Person hiding Kaizer Zulu reported to police

Sureties have reported to police the person allegedly harboring former presidential political advisor in the PF administration KAIZER ZULU, who is still at large.

The sureties have however not disclosed the identity of the said person to the public.

This is in a matter where Mr. ZULU is charged with failure to surrender a diplomatic Passport.

One of the sureties MULENGA FUBE has told LUSAKA Resident Magistrate SYLVIA MUNYINYA that the step will hopefully speed up efforts to capture Mr. ZULU and to bring him before the court.

Mr. FUBE, who is also CHILUBI Member of Parliament, said the search for Mr. ZULU has so far proved difficult.

Meanwhile Magistrate MUNYINYA said she has issued an open bench against Mr. ZULU.

Magistrate MUNYINYA was reacting to another surety MUNIR ZULU who demanded an open bench warrant against Mr. ZULU so that any police officer can attend to the sureties’ complaints.- ZNBC

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